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Prison officers, and those involved inthe criminal justice sector, regularly face aggression, violent behaviour and verbal abuse from prisoners whilst on duty. With assaults on prison staff at an all-time high, – recent figures show an astounding 5,432 cases of reported abuse within in a twelve-month period in England and Wales alone - methods for deterring aggression and capturing evidence are now key. Edesix VideoBadge Body Worn Cameras have been selected by prison services throughout the UK, including privately run prisons and Her Majesty’s Prison Service in England & Wales, Scotland and most recently Northern Ireland.

These lightweight device scan be worn as part of the officer’s uniform, requiring nothing more than a simple swipe of their ID badge to assign a camera which is charged and ready to record video and audio at the press of a button. Not only do these secure, encrypted devices capture vital evidence, they act as a deterrent to negative behaviour, fit seamlessly into the daily routine of the prison officer, and allow secure and simple sharing, redacting, management and storage of footage.

The VideoBadge Body Camera from Edesix comes in three variants, each with its own merits and functionality. The VideoBage VB- 300 is the product of choice for most PrisonOfficers and Police. This lightweight cameracan record for up to 14 hours, is Wi-Fi enabled, offers a bookmarking function forreviewing efficiency, and is compatible withthe latest helmet and chest-mounted cameras from Edesix.Body worn camera on an officer

Body Worn Cameras enable slick and effective capturing and sharing of evidence from the camera to the courtroom. With the ability
to attain real-time footage of any incidents,our prison officers and police are safer, andconvictions can be made more quickly, void of biased views and human memory dependency.

Edesix is based in Edinburgh, where it designs, develops and manufactures its range of innovative security solutions to help solve complex industry challenges for those in public facing roles. Unlike many other providers, Edesix focusses on fully encompassing Body Worn Solutions; utilising its range of products and software applications to work with our customers within the Criminal Justice sector, and beyond, to provide a system which enhances business needs, is simple to use and deploy, and – most importantly – is completely secure.