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The ECM702 is a small portable unit designed to be used to inhibit the use or contact with all types mobile phones, within a specific area. The unit can operate using its internal battery for between 3-4 hours or for longer periods thorough the use of an external 12VDC power source. Six independent transmitters covering all GSM, 3G and 4G frequencies are connected to a special antenna array in the lid and allow the user to concentrate the countermeasure signals into areas of interest.

Each transmitter is programmed via a special app running on a Windows based PC.

Once the desired the parameters have been set they are stored within each unit. The user now simply powers up the unit and all transmitters will function according to the options that have been set.

The firmware within each unit can be upgraded via its USB port remotely. The application software also contains a program which facilitates remote diagnosis of each unit via the internet which obviates the need to return the unit when issues occur. Prevent the use of illicit phones in prison with the ECM702 Multi-Channel Countermeasure unit

A single ECM702 can prohibit phone usage in small to medium sized wings. In larger wings 2 units may be required for complete coverage.
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