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Bravery Awards

Police officers who have demonstrated outstanding acts of bravery – including confronting terrorists, tackling murderers and rescuing people from freezing waters – will be honoured next month at the 23rd annual Police Bravery Awards.

Property fraud

Property is usually the most valuable asset people own, it can be sold and mortgaged to raise money and can therefore be an attractive target for Property fraud.

At HM Land Registry (HMLR) we provide advice as to how people in England and Wales can protect their property from fraud. Since 2009 we have ensured the integrity of the Land Register by preventing 275 fraudulent registrations with a combined property value of £132.4m.


Public sector

Public sector contracts should no longer be given to the lowest bidder but awarded to “social business” companies that agree to share profits with staff and employ local workers, a leading businessman has said.

Phillip Ullmann of Cordant Group, one of the country’s biggest recruitment firms, said that British business needs to fundamentally change its approach in response to growing public distrust.

Women in Prison

A chronic shortage of housing support for women released from custody is driving them back to prison, according to a report published today by the Prison Reform Trust and Women in Prison.

Home truths: housing for women in the criminal justice system, found that while in-prison housing support should be an integral part of preparing for release, it is often last-minute, with some women unsure on the morning of their release if they will have accommodation that evening.

National Detective Forum

The secretary of the Police Federation’s National Detective Forum Karen Stephens has warned a new direct entry scheme is not the answer to the crisis facing detective policing.

Her comments come in response to the Home Office's announcement that it is to launch a new national accelerated scheme, led by Police Now, which will deliver training within 12 weeks and introduce 1,000 detectives over the next five years.