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  The Custodial Review

The publication is targeted at over 3500 senior personnel for maximum impact and results. It is designed to be a good read on topical issues. Editions all include high level interviews that will ensure a very wide and interested audience. Readership includes: all Police Custody units within the UK , Directors of Finance, Procurement Managers, Catering Officers, Training Colleges as well as the Crown and Magistrates Courts, All HM Prisons including the privately run ones plus the Immigration Removal Centres in the UK. Other services targeted include Prison Services, key personnel within the Courts, The Home Office, Key ministers within the Government, The British Transport Police, Works & Construction Services. The majour construction and design companies that work with the prison and custody sector are also included.

We recently completed a readership survey of all the prisons in the UK. The result of this is the distribution database is now over 90 percent requested by name. The rest is by job title. A updated survey of UK Police custody units has now been included.

Custodial Review is a products & services magazine with editorial and a website that contains all the article and news. The magazine was established in 1994 and has established itself as a source of information and products for the ever expanding business of Custody. Participants in the magazine also get a free web page on this news laden Custodial Review website in addition to a page on the successful business directory www.pirnet.co.uk.Your entry includes hyperlinks to your email & web address. 

Custodial Review is A4 format - Gloss Art

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Purchasing for this marketplace is not all fixed to central contracts. As the spending on the police increases and prison population continues to rise it will continue to be a huge and growing market for new goods and services. The private sector is building all new prisons, they are not constrained by central purchasing contracts. The Police and immigration services all have their own purchasing powers.

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