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  Fenestration,Heating and Cable Management Solutions from REHAU - REHAU Limited  

At REHAU, we are committed to sustainability and helping our customers reduce their impact on the environment through the specification of energy savings products for new build and retrofit applications.
Here are just a few of REHAU’s innovative polymer products for educational settings:

Thermally Activated Building Structure (TABS)
REHAU’s ground-breaking TABS system is a versatile cooling and heating system, which uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s structure to adjust the environment inside the building throughout the day. It does this by running heated or chilled water through a network of pipes embedded within the concrete slabs.

TABS can be used in virtually any concrete structure, and while the innovative system has been used extensively in Europe and South Africa, it is now gaining more recognition in the UK thanks to high profile installations in the Tate Modern, the University of Leicester and the University of Northampton. TABS uses low flow temperatures to keep operating costs down for education providers, and requires very little maintenance, unlike most heating and cooling alternatives which need regular servicing.

Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating has grown in popularity in recent years as an ideal partner for heat pump installations, which produce low grade hot water. Suitable for new build and retrofit applications, REHAU’s underfloor heating can be used for both timber and sprung floors, providing an energy efficient and comfortable heating solution for a variety of learning spaces.
REHAU’s range of underfloor heating products use its PE-Xa pipework and EVERLOC compression sleeve fittings for easy-to-fit, leak-free installations. More than 11,000m2 of REHAU pipework was used recently to provide energy efficient heating to the £30m new Llandysul School in south Wales.

RAUTHERMEX As part of the heating solution for Llandysul School, REHAU also provided its RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated pipework. The RAUTHERMEX was used in five runs to feed the flow and return for the heating, boost the chilled water supply and minimise heat losses from the remotely located plant room, which all helped to deliver a more energy and cost efficient way of heating and cooling the school.
Used for heat pump, biogas and district heating applications, RAUTHERMEX offers excellent insulation performance, thanks to its closed cell polyeurethane foam insulation layer which dramatically reduces heat loss – particularly over long pipe runs.
The foam layer is protected by a robust LLD-PE outer sleeve, tough enough to cope with building site conditions. RAUTHERMEX is available in long pipe lengths or coils and is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to install especially when compared to steel alternatives, which need to be welded every 6-12m.
Lengths of RAUTHERMEX are joined using REHAU’s EVERLOC™ leak-proof fittings for guaranteed fit and forget installations.

PVC-U windows
High occupancy educational buildings use a lot of energy to heat and cool, and this cost can dramatically increase when the building itself is not thermally efficient. To reduce heat loss, thermally efficient windows are essential. Thermally efficient frames – like REHAU’s TOTAL70 profiles – utilise double or triple glazing to ensure a building retains its heat and is draught-free.
REHAU’s GENEO® profile windows are the most energy efficient on the market, and meet Passivhaus standards. REHAU’s range of PVC windows and doors offer excellent noise insulation, security, and ventilation and come in a wide choice of styles and colours.

Fire doors
To help education providers meet the relevant safety criteria for their building, REHAU offers AGILA Fire Doors to provide 30 minutes of protection against a fire. The PVC-U doors feature fire retardant glass and door panels, and a graphite intumescent strip which expands with heat within the specially reinforced frame to create a 30-minute fire rating (complying with the requirements of BS476 FD30 Pts 20 and 22) helping to protect life and property.

Polytec50 Curtain Walling

REHAU Polytec50 Curtain Walling is a cost effective alternative to aluminium curtain walling. Passivhaus certified and CWCT tested, this system offers outstanding strength and internal PVC-U for warmth and low maintenance – an outcome preferred in education builds. The walling is specifically engineered to achieve an exceptional sound rating, creating a peaceful and comfortable internal environment. Cable management Appropriately specified trunking ensures that cables are safely and practically contained, while creating a tidy, infection-free environment.

For education settings, REHAU recommends its antimicrobial trunking system, which incorporates silver i on technology to help prevent the spread and transfer of infection, including MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

For more information about REHAU’s range of products for the education sector,
visit www.rehau.uk or call 01989 762600. You can also find REHAU on twitter @rehauwindows

  Tel:    01989 762600
Web: http://www.rehau.uk
Email: enquiries@rehau.com
Fax:   01989 762601


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