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  School Musicals To Perform - Scripts To Stage  

Scripts to Stage provide a selection of entertaining, fact filled, toe tapping school musical packages containing everything needed to stage your next performance. If you're looking to rap about saving our planet, sing about Tudor times or shout out he's behind you, then we've just the musical for your school. 

Our Packages include:

  • Your chosen script  
  • Backing Music & SFX
  • Karaoke Style Singalongs  
  • Themed Drama Exercises
  • Information Pack
  • Poster & Ticket Design
  • Projected Backdrops
  • Email Support
  • Access to Our Members Forum
  • Licence to Perform
  • Video Licence

Scripts to Stage aim to bring drama to the classroom increasing pupil engagement and making every scheme of work a fun, interesting and interactive experience. Our songs are filled to the brim with interesting facts which will enhance any childs learning capability. Our packages and continued support enable teachers with no drama experience to produce a fantastic musical show. If you're left wanting to learn more join us at one of our CPD training days, let us put on a drama workshops in your school or take a look at our extra teaching resources.



Tel: 01573 440 644

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScriptstoStage

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scriptstostage/

  Tel:    01573 440 644
Web: http://www.scriptstostage.co.uk
Email: info@scriptstostage.co.uk


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