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  KAZ Typing Tutor - Standard and SEN/Dyslexia Edition - KAZ Type Limited  

 KAZ Type Limited – Standard and NEW SEN/Dyslexia Typing Tutor

KAZ Type Limited is a UK award winning software manufacturer, providing a unique accelerated learning typing tutor, using ‘brain balance’ and ‘muscle memory’ -  i.e. it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective. Using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, the revolutionary method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously. No other typing tutor works in this way.

At the leading edge of educational technology, this patented method was designed to teach students to type easily, efficiently and effortlessly, in just 90 minutes.
However, the course is divided into 5 modules, which can be split to fit in and around indidual’s schedules. We actively encourage SEN and younger users to work at their own pace.

Although the KAZ touch typing program has proven extremely effective, continued feedback from SEN teachers confirmed that approximately 10% of their students, the majority dyslexics, still suffered with problems relating to visual stress. So with advice and guidance from Dr. Sue Fowler and her team at the Dyslexia Research Trust - Reading Clinic and Oxford University, we further developed our software and produced a SEN/Dyslexia Edition, teaching typing skills, whilst addressing disturbances related to visual stress - by means of a unique but simple preference screen, offering: 

·         A choice of coloured background/filter screens – for reducing white screen glare.

·         A choice of 2 specific research based background/filter colours - for steadying letter movement and blurring.

·         A choice of dyslexic friendly typefaces – for ease of reading.

·         A choice of font colour – for contrast from background screen colour.

·         A choice of font size – for optimum visibility comfort and to minimize fusing and crowding of letters.

·         A choice of Keyboard – for optimum visibility comfort.

Once the user has selected their preferences and can read the sample text comfortably, these options are then applied throughout the course, tailor making it to suit their eyes and ensuring the learning experience is a comfortable and enjoyable one.

KAZ Typing Tutor’s ‘Standard Edition’ and NEW ‘SEN/Dyslexia Edition’ is available for Mac and PC, Online or as a Download and is used by Individuals, Education and Business establishments worldwide.

All Education and Business licenses include the SEN/Dyslexia edition as a free option.

Contact details for KAZ Type Limited:


Email: info@kaz-type.com

Tel: 01926 423434

Twitter: KAZ Type@KazType

  Tel:    01926 423424
Web: https://kaz-type.com/default.aspx
Email: info@kaz-type.com
Fax:   Leamington Spa


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