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  The World's First Defensive, De-Escalation Tool - The Vector Shield - Emergency Protection Limited  

We supply personal protection products for the Police, Prison / Correctional Officers, Military, Counter Terror, Special Forces and Civilian sectors.

These innovative products include the world's first defensive de-escalation shield designed to stop multiple 7.62/5.56mm rounds at point blank range, protecting the officers critical centre line (Head, neck, chest).

The Vector also protects very well against blunt trauma, knife and dog attacks, whilst being comfortable and lightweight for the officer using it.

The Vizshock is a brand new non-lethal tool that uses a specific frequency of red, blue and white LED lights to create an aversion response in a violent person who may be about to attack you. It forces the person to close their eyes, turn away from the extremely bright strobe effect, giving you time to contain the person safely and without risk of additional harm.

Our contact details are as follows:-

Emergency Protection Limited 16 Orchard Drive Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV16 4HY

Tel +44(0)1746 767849 / 07786 040502





  Tel:    +44(0)1746 767849
Web: http://www.emergencyprotection.co.uk
Email: sales@emergencyprotection.co.uk


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