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  Providers of Training in Drawing and Talking Therapy Technique - Drawing and Talking Ltd  

Drawing and Talking is a safe, easy to learn method of working with children, in both primary and secondary schools, to help with underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and behaviour. The Drawing and Talking technique provides an effect school based therapeutic intervention in line with current trends. The Foundation Course is a one day training program specifically designed for Headteachers, SENCOs, Teachers, Teaching Assistance, Learning Mentors or anyone working with children. No previous knowledge, training or experience is necessary. The training is available regionally as well as for LEA's, school and other organizations as INSET. Please telephone 020 8715 0745 or visit www.drawingandtalking.com for more information.'

  Tel:    020 8715 0745
Web: http://www.drawingandtalking.com
Email: info@drawingandtalking.com
Fax:   020 8715 0745


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