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  Secure online text messaging applications - edutxt  

SMS text messaging for education, healthcare and business.

Our online applications set the industry standard in text messaging, they allow you to manage, send and receive secure SMS text messages from your desktop to a mobile phone in a way that is proven to save time and money. The applications are web based and can be integrated into your existing management software. The use of text messaging will quickly and inexpensively mesh with your existing communication strategy to help you bridge the digital and social divides.

SMS text messages are quick, discreet, to the point, to the person and inexpensive. You can instantly send a message to a group or individual from your computer, schedule a message to go later in the day, week, month or year and track the delivery of the message to the handset.

edutxt® for Universities and Colleges.

College to Student communication:
Desktop 2 mobile edutxt®is the application of choice in many universities and colleges. edutxt® allows colleges to manage, send and receive text messages from a PC to any mobile phone. Send to a class, team, group or any individual student or staff member instantly. Or schedule a message for future delivery. Text messages are quick, discreet, to the person, to the point and inexpensive.

Main features and benefits.
Instant message delivery to any number of students from one desktop.
Individual "txt inboxes" for staff members to manage replies.
A record of message delivery also saves money on call charges, staff time and photocopying.
You can upload contact data from any existing database.
Increased retention by engaging with students.
The system has a robust delivery engine with message archives.
24 hour access from any computer.
Message templates allow users to pre-write most common messages.
Competitive message prices licence based on size of user.
Base training and support included online help, 9-5 telephone and 24 hour email support.
Admin interface for message management by departments.
Socially inclusive, txting is the communication of choice for students.
Many reference sites available.

edutxt® for Schools.

edutxt® school to home communication is a simple solution. edutxt® allows schools to manage, send and receive text messages from a PC to any mobile phone. Send to any class, team, group or any individual parent or student instantly or schedule a message for future delivery. Text messages are quick, discreet, to the person, to the point and inexpensive.

Key benefits.

It speeds communication with time relevant messages, saves money on call charges and staff time.
You can import data from existing school database.
You can notify parents of unauthorised absence in minutes each morning.
The system maintains message archives and message delivery reports.
A 'txt inbox' enables the school to manage and respond to inbound text messages.
It is easy to use, has online help and downloadable "How to" guide.
2nd year message prices will not rise above year one levels.
Socially inclusive - 95% of people with school age children have a mobile phone.

meditxt - strategic patient communication.

meditxt is a dynamic communication tool that harnesses existing technology in a unique way. There are in excess of 58 million mobile phones in the UK, all of which are capable of receiving a text message, even when credit has run out. Some facts from a current survey indicate that over 70% of the 58 million mobile phone users send and receive messages and 95% of all messages are delivered within 10 seconds.

The NHS is in an ideal position to benefit from this culture and technology to realise benefits and savings across a range of strategic issues.

There are more than 50 million outpatient appointments per annum in the NHS, the national average number of DNA's is over 11%. Reducing the number of DNA's or cancellations at very short notice is a significant target for NHS Trusts, which in turn reduces appointment wastage and therefore reduces waiting times. With DNA's costing approximately £80 per missed appointment, the cost of DNA is a significant resource issue. Clinic results services have significant resource requirements; staff time is lost whist contacting, or waiting to contact patients. Patient service levels are improved by providing a higher level of access to clinics, complementing e-booking and creating a fully inclusive service especially for patients who can be hard to reach.

Existing projects have proven the value of this technology with reduction in DNA rates and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Features and benefits.

An integrated solution with a single address book.
Appointments are scheduled from core booking system.
The letter history is automatically updated.
Secure and personal messaging.
Modules for appointments, cancellations, results, repeats Inbox facility, appointment requests.
Templates for quick message creation.
One to many communication.
Intuitive and secure web control panel.
Full reporting and archiving module.
Minimal training and resource requirement.
UK fixed gateway-guaranteed message delivery.
Full system ownership.

Overview of functions:

Once logged in the user is presented with the options to:

1)   Select relevant module, appointment reminder, clinic cancellation, results reporting etc.

2)   View scheduled messages

3)   View the inbox and reply to received messages, schedule messages to send later, select recipients and send messages, one to many, create/modify new template message, view audit trail of all messages including delivery status, search address book, add, delete or modify contents, create new system users, create new clinics/departments and view account usage.

  Tel:    0113 234 2111
Web: http://www.txttools.co.uk
Email: sales@txttools.co.uk
Fax:   N/A


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