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The only publication for the custodial industry. 7,500 readership. Including public and privately run custody units in the Police, Prisons, Customs & Excise and Immigration. All Prison service construction, refit, maintenance & referb approved companies receive a copy. We also notify 2510 people who have requested a digital copy. This website is an on line resource for the UK custody industry.

A reader recently wrote to us saying:

'Just a quick note to thank you for the article in custodial review it came across very well and has been the talk of the prison, I was even called up by our number one governor Steve Rodford OBE who thought it was a very positive view of the dog section and the prison. I have been asked by our security governor to try and get a couple more copies if your able to help me with that it would be very much appreciated.'

Another said

'Today whilst collecting mail for my area of work I noticed your magazine sitting addressed to our Ex-Finance Governor, I was wondering if it is possible that I may continue to receive your excellent publication. I am surprised that it is not more widely read by my fellow colleagues as the articles and submissions have been enlightening in the copy I have read.

Officer, HMP Glenochil'

The Custodial Review.

Payment by results is the future and it could change the face of prison custody in the UK. There is a perceived wisdom that 40% of prisons will be privately run. However as payment by results only works in private prisons its possible that only the High Security estate would remain in the state sector. New police buildings are being completed under the PFI Financing arrangements and immigration centers are catching up with the work that had built up. The Prison Service is hitting its key targets under hugely challenging conditions. The custody industry has never been more controversial or in the spotlight. The budget is as huge and under pressure to deliver value for money.

Below is the proposed features list for the next edition. It is work in progress; more articles will be added and posted here as they are agreed. It represents an excellent opportunity to promote a company's goods and services to one of the few growth markets in the UK.

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Custody conference  

CUSTODY CONFERENCE The recent 2012 Annual National Custody Seminar took place on 25/26 September 2012 in Stoke on Trent and the speakers, sponsors, delegates and exhibitors and everyone associated with the Seminar made the event an overwhelming success.


CATERING. Prison Catering has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. The introduction of Prison Service has targets for reducing energy use by more efficient equipment and better practice. Stainable development and recycling are also high on the list of targets to achieve. We are continuing with the series of articles on these tough topics by visiting an example of best practice in action at HMP Hull. Where the Catering Manager has also introduced baking into the kitchen.


THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE of LIBRARY and Information Professionals' Prison Libraries Group announced HMP Lewes as the winner of the first ever Prison Library of the Year Award.The award recognises the outstanding work of library staff in prisons and Young Offender Institutions. It celebrates the innovation and transformation that is carried out in prison libraries every day and highlights best practice..


PRISONERS EDUCATION TRUST write on the launch of 'Brain Cells', based on the results of a survey contained in Inside Time prison newspaper, responded to by over 500 prisoners about their experiences of learning in prison and what they would change.


RECYCLING the Prison Service has targets for reducing energy waste, sustainable development and recycling. We are continuing with the series of articles on this tough topic by visiting an example of best practice in action.

Roger Wiltshire  

CUSTODY SUITES Norfolk and Suffolk Police combined there custody facilities and rationalised them into 6 custom built custody and investigation centres distributed throughout the two counties. We interviewed Chief Inspector Roger Wiltshire and discussed how the arrangement works in practice.


Jobs Logo  

RECRUITMENT SECTION Custodial Review runs a recruitment section within the magazine and on line. Its free to the advertiser and helps ensures that the magazine and website are visited frequently by the people who wish to advance themselves.


DYSLEXIA tackling this problem is core to the fight against recidivism. As educational standards in inmates are hampered by this issue to a level that is far higher than in the general population. Jackie Hewitt Main writes the next in a series of articles on how she is tackling this problem, and having considerable success.

Skills for Justice  

SKILLS FOR JUSTICE recently have produced a case study as part of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week about the development of a framework for the Advanced Level Custodial Care Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is now being delivered in three prisons run by Serco, who were part of the working group which helped to develop this framework

Proposed & forthcoming articles.- More details to follow as available.
Working Links  

WORKING LINKS Working Links, Shaw Trust and Mitie are all in partnership – separately – with the prison service and have now formed The HMPS Partnership to bid for the running of prison services. The organizations have an extensive track record of working with ex-offenders in and out of custody, between them helping more than 80,000 people. Working Links has pioneered the delivery of real work opportunities for offenders through industry-led training and work experience in prisons. Through the delivery of welfare to work programmes, social enterprises, projects aimed at supporting ex-offenders and 49 retail shops, Shaw Trust has significant experience in helping ex-offenders back into employment.


PRISONER HANDLING. Its the most likely time when a prisoner will escape, we talk to the people who move inmates and detainees between the courts, establishments and Police custody suites.

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Purchasing for this marketplace is not all fixed to central contracts. As the spending on the police increases and prison population continues to rise, it will continue to be a huge and growing market for new goods and services. For instance, the Department of Education has allocated a £20 million fund for capital and expenditure across all 110 prisons. This is an average of £200,000 per prison is to improve the education facilities for offenders.

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