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  All the links on this page are to custody related websites. email custodialreview@pirnet.co.uk to suggest additional links  
National Offender Management Service National Offender Management Service (NOMS) Official website   Visit Site
HM Prison Service for England and Wales Official Prison Service Website for England and Wales.   Visit Site
Northern Ireland prison Service Official Prison Service Website for Northern Ireland.   Visit Site
Scottish Prison Service Official Website of the Scottish Prison Service.   Visit Site
Inspectorate of Probation Service HM Inspectorate of Probation official website   Visit Site
National Probation Service National Probation Service official website   Visit Site
Procurement in the Prison Service Official Prison Service website dealing with procurement.   Visit Site
Criminal Justice The Criminal Justice System official website   Visit Site
Prison Service Enterprises official website Looking to develop a partnership with industries and through the provision of work for prisoners, teach them the skills that meet the labour shortage in the market place and therefore enhance their job opportunities on release.   Visit Site
Tenders Electronic Daily The official EU website where all Government contracts over 50.000 pounds have to be advertised.- (It's cumbersome to use)   Visit Site
Prison Heath The official NHS - Prison Service Health website   Visit Site
The Magistrates Association The Magistrates' Association has over 29,000 members, and represents over 80% of serving volunteer magistrates.   Visit Site
Home Office website  The official website of the UK Home Office.   Visit Site
Home Office Scientific Development Branch The official Home Office Science & Research website .   Visit Site
Prison Reform Trust Official Website.   Visit Site
Howard League for Penal Reform The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that community sentences make a person take responsibility and live a law-abiding life in the community   Visit Site
Women in Prison official website A charitable organisation dedicated to making a difference to women facing prison.  

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Prison Officers Association The official United Kingdom POA website.   Visit Site
Action for Prisoners Families The national federation of services supporting families of prisoners official website.   Visit Site
Centre for Crime and Justice Studies The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (CCJS) is a charity which aims to inform and educate about all aspects of crime and the criminal justice system from an objective standpoint,   Visit Site
Crime Reduction The official Government crime reduction website   Visit Site
International Centre for Prison Studies A non Governmental site that seeks to assist the development of appropriate prison policies.   Visit Site
Home Office RDS The Home Office Research Development and Statistics website.   Visit Site
PACT Official website Prison Advice and Care Trust.   Visit Site
Prison Fellowship official website A site dedicated to helping inmates and families through Christianity.   Visit Site
Forum on Prisoner Education A now closed registered charity which aims to 'advance the quality, availability and consistency of education and training within the criminal justice system'.   Details
Prisoners Education Trust Official web site The Trust aims to extend and enrich the range of education and training available to people in prison.   Visit Site
CLINKS website Established in 1998 to strengthen and develop the partnerships between voluntary and community based organisations and the Prison and Probation service.   Visit Site
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Here you can find out about the Disability Rights Commission and what they do.   Visit Site
The Youth Justice Board Oversees the youth justice system in England and Wales. They work to prevent offending and re offending by children and young people under the age of 18,   Visit Site
NACRO The crime reduction charity, aim to make society safer by finding practical solutions to reducing crime.   Visit Site
Prisoner Families The national federation of services supporting families of prisoners.   Visit Site
Inside Out Trust The Inside Out Trust develops prison projects based on restorative justice principles.   Visit Site
SOVA works to strengthen communities by involving local volunteers in promoting social inclusion and reducing crime. SOVA is the leading national volunteer mentoring organisation working in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales.   Visit Site
Civil Service Sports Council CSSC plays an important role in improving the health and welfare of Civil Servants through encouraging teamwork and commitment   Visit Site
Inside Time The national Monthly newsletter for prisoners   Visit Site
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