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  LED Scrolling Message Badges - bhi Limited  
  bhi design and manufacture a range of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) noise elimination products. The range includes noise cancelling extension speakers for base station or mobile use, in-line modules for base station use, and PCB modules for retrofitting into existing equipment. A custom design-in is service available. bhi products are suitable for: HF & amateur radio, PMR radio, Emergency Services communications, GSM Hands-Free kits, Intercoms, CCTV, Covert Surveillance, Control Room communications, marine radio, Clean-up of noisy/poor audio recordings. bhi also distribute a range of LED Scrolling Message Badges. Features are variable scroll speeds plus messages of 50 characters can be stored in the badge. Suitable for Hotel Receptions, Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Advertising, Customer information display, Club membership badges, Visitor badges/ID badges, Name badges, Restaurants, Gifts, Many other uses.  
  Tel:    0870 240 7258
Web: http://www.bhi-ltd.co.uk
Email: graham@bhi-ltd.co.uk
Fax:   0870 240 7259


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