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  Wybone Ltd- Environmental Solutions For Every Location - Wybone Ltd  

Having been established for over 35 years as one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality street furniture, we are proud of the fact that Wybone are widely regarded and recognised as one of the country's number one manufacturer and supplier of waste management solutions.

Our product range includes a wealth of products, from Bins, Flower Planters, seating and bike racks to can crushers, mail boxes, sackholders and recycling mediums.

Geographically, Wybone is ideally placed in the country near both the M1 and M62. Based within the Dearne Valley in the idyllic Yorkshire town of Hoyland, Barnsley, our factory is a hive of activity and interest as we manufacture and produce the majority of our own products on-site. This means that uniquely we can work with our customers and have the ability to meet specific requirements, from design to manufacture. Furthermore, we can oversee and guarantee the quality of our products.

The vast majority of our business is repeat custom and word of mouth as people come back to us as they are assured of the Wybone stamp of quality and honesty. The benefit and ethos of Wybone is that you are dealing with the manufacturer, meaning you get quality products at great prices which are designed with longevity in mind.

Wybone are one of the only companies who produce the vast majority of our products internally ourselves. The benefit of this not only allows us to assure our customers that our bins will be of the highest quality, but also we can customise your unique needs to our products. Many of our competitors act as middle men- buying their products in and selling them on with their mark up- the benefit and ethos of Wybone is that you are dealing with the manufacturer, meaning you get quality products at great prices.

We pride ourselves on understanding the need to remain flexible to meet the needs and demands of our valued customers. So if you’ve an idea that is ‘off the wall’, we’re the people who can but these ideas into reality! Put our manufacturing expertise to the test- we can tailor to any solution.

Our bespoke services allow us to be flexible and meet the needs of our customers. We can also produce your bins in any colour- an ideal tool to re-emphasise your brand image. Again, we can individualise our range and produce bins with your logo, crest and company name included.

Wybone are committed to customer care and welcome feedback from our clients- we are a friendly, open and honest company and try to mirror this through our contact with our customers through every stage of the buying process.

  Tel:    01226 744010
Web: http://www.wybone.co.uk
Email: sales@wybone.co.uk
Fax:   01226350105


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