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  Win Health Ltd. - Win Health Ltd.  

Win Health portfolio includes products for the care of elderly people, such as HipSaver soft hip protectors, DermaSaver skin protectors for people with fragile skin, shin protectors, bedside fall out mats and wide range range of washable absorbent incontinence protection items for beds and chairs as well as waterproof breathable mattress protectors and waterproof bedding. Also waterless personal hygiene and anti bacterial products normally used, when people are ill, convalescing or bed bound for hair and full body hygiene (i.e. no rinse full body bath, no rinse shampoo caps, wet wipes and dry wipes).    

Another area of Win Health expertise is muscle assessment and muscle rehabilitation, including pelvic floor rehabilitation for prevention and management of incontinence.  Win Health offer full range of Neurotrac EMG devices, Neurotrac stimulators and Neurotrac TENS machines (i.e. Neurotrac ETS, Neurotrac MyoPlus, Neurotrac MyoPlus4, Neurotrac Simplex, Neurotrac Rehab, Neurotrac Sports, Neurotrac Sports XL, Neurotrac Continence, Neurotrac Pelvitone, Neurotrac TENS, Neurotrac TENS with Acustim, skin electrodes and stimulation probes).  

Other products stocked by Win Health include wide range of digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, nebulisers, personal ECG monitors, ulcer prevention mattress overlays, therapeutic heat pads, infrared lamps, massagers and organic skincare for normal and sensitive skin.

Full portfolio can be viewed on Win Health website (www.win-health.co.uk). Immediate dispatches and long term customer care always given. Small and large orders are accepted with no minimum order restrictions. Volume discounts on selected products can be provided. Call 01835 864866 to discuss your individual needs. Win Health provide quality, choice and value to all customers, including the NHS, private care providers, care homes and private individuals. 


  Tel:    01835 864866
Web: http://www.win-health.co.uk
Email: info@win-health.co.uk
Fax:   01835 863238


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