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  Win Health Ltd. - Win Health Ltd  

Win Health Limited is a manufacturer and a supplier of a broad range of medical devices and self-care products for older adults. Win Health supplies directly to the NHS, Care Homes, Private Healthcare, Social Services, Councils, Charities and the Public. Our areas of interest include fracture prevention, pressure relief, fragile skin protection, incontinence and pelvic floor health, personal and general hygiene and overall wellness. Volume discounts to care homes are available on some product lines for institutional purchases.

Win Health portfolio includes the following:

  • HipSaver user friendly soft hip protectors that help to prevent fall related hip injuries. HipSaver is a patented CE marked Class 1 Medical Device (Directive 93/42/EEC). HipSaver caters for the needs of the elderly patients (i.e. incontinence, poor grip strength, backward falling, dementia) and the needs of the carers (i.e. convenient patient dressing, easy changing, 95o C ‘wash and dry’, and durability). HipSavers are available in 7 sizes and in male/female options. HipSavers are used in the UK by the NHS and care homes since 2002.
  • HipSaver Activs impact protection garments - long and short smart casual trousers with built-in hip protectors for indoor and outdoor wear.
  • FallSmart bedside fallout mats that help to prevent injuries caused by accidental falling or rolling out of bed.
  • DermaSaver skin protectors that protect fragile skin from shears, tearing, splitting, friction and external pressure. DermaSavers are garment like protectors that are soft and breathable. They are durable and machine washable at 950C. DermaSaver range includes shin protectors, knee protectors, heel protectors, heel elevators, elbow protectors, arm and forearm protectors, knuckle protectors, hand mitts and finger separators. DermaSavers are Class 1 Medical Devices.
  • FibreFresh incontinence products include high quality washable bed, bedside and chair protectors and waterproof bedding that is water and fluid proof, breathable and flame retardant. Bed pads and chair pads are available in different styles, colours and sizes and can also be made to clients’ specifications. Waterproof bedding includes waterproof mattress protectors in different styles and sizes, pillows and pillow cases and duvet covers. Absorbent bedside mats are also very popular. FibreFresh incontinence products are Class 1 Medical Devices.
  • V-Brace Fembrace helps to eliminate discomfort and pain caused by prolapse and reduces symptoms of incontinence, enabling the sufferers to live full and active lives. V-Brace is a patented garment-like cross-elastic support truss with straps threaded through a sleeve in the crotch of the panty. V-Brace Fembrace garments are available in 7 sizes and are machine washable. V-Brace by Fembrace is a Class 1 Medical Device.
  • No Rinse Personal Hygiene and Clinell Infection Control products help to maintain personal cleanliness without water. Rinsing is not required! No Rinse and Clinell help to improve standards of personal and general hygiene and help to prevent spread of infections. Bathing wipes, shampoo caps, hand sanitizers, surface sanitisers, shampoos & conditioners, full body bathing wipes and continence care wipes.
  • Cutan Hand Hygiene products deliver the best hand cleanliness and hand hygiene as well as healthy skin on frequently washed hands. Cutan foam hand hygiene preparations (i.e. hand washes, hand sanitisers, hand moisturisers) are supplied in sealed cartridges and with free wall dispensers.   
  • In addition to the above best sellers, we also offer a large selection of quality nebulisers, blood pressure monitors, infrared thermometers, TENS machines, interferential therapy machines, soft lasers, muscle rehabilitation devices and pelvic floor stimulators.



  Tel:    01835 864866
Web: http://www.win-health.co.uk
Email: info@win-health.co.uk
Fax:   01835 863238


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