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  Win Health Ltd. - Win Health Ltd.  

Win Health Ltd for Innovation, Quality, Choice and Value in Healthcare

Win Health Ltd. is an approved supplier of medical devices, medical equipment, home health and self-care products to the NHS, independent healthcare sector, care institutions, social care providers, councils, charities and directly to the general public. Win Health is ISO 9001:2000 registered and strictly observes Quality Management System procedures.    

We aim to serve our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative quality products supported by first class service and outstanding customer care. We aim to provide quality, customer needs driven choices and the best value for money. We work together with all our customers – healthcare professional and private users alike – aiming to enhance standards of care and quality of life for everyone. We provide support to carers, ensuring most effective and most efficient use of our products. Our goals are to make life kinder for the patients, easier for the carers and cost effective and sustainable for the fund providers.
We focus on the wellbeing of mature people and we hold a leading position in the area of fall related injury prevention. Our growing portfolio falls broadly into the following categories:

  • ·        Injury Prevention and Wellbeing of Elderly People  

- HipSaver Soft Hip Protectors that prevent fall related hip injuries

- HipSaver Interim long hip protector pyjama pants for use during admission to care

- HipSaver Activs long casuals for physically active elderly people  

- FallSmart Bedside Fall Out Mats that help to prevent injuries due to falls out of bed

- HeadSaver Head Protectors that help to prevent impact related head injuries

- DermaSaver Skin Protectors that help people with fragile skin conditions   

  • ·         Pain Relief and Muscle Rehabilitation 

- Neurotrac TENS Machines with/without non Invasive Acupuncture Probes

- Neurotrac Muscle Assessment and Muscle Rehabilitation Devices: Neurotrac ETS EMG, Neurotrac MYO PLUS, Neurotrac Simplex, Neurotrac Rehab, Neurotrac Sports and Neurotrac Sports XL

- Neurotrac Stimulators for pelvic floor rehabilitation: Neurotrac Pelvitone and Neurotrac Continence

- Stimulec Facial Plus Neuromuscular Stimulator for relief of Facial Palsy

- WeWoThom High Frequency Tone Device

- PalmLaser and PalmLaser Pro Phototherapy Lasers (Home and Clinic use) for pain relief and wound healing

- SimCair Pressure Relieving Mattress Overlays for people at risk of bed sores  

  • ·        Continence Care and Pelvic Floor Health

- FibreFresh Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads and Chair Pads

- FibreFresh Waterproof and Breathable Bedding and Mattress Protectors

- Neurotrac Neuromuscular Stimulators and Biofeedback Muscle Assessment Devices

- Peritron and PFX Pelvic Floor Exercisers with Biofeedback

- Myself Pelvic Floor Trainer

- IncoStress for control of stress incontinence

- Probes and sensors for pelvic floor exercisers and neuromuscular stimulators

- V-Brace by Fembrace for women with genital pelvic organs prolapse 

- Continence Educational Resources (i.e. books and videos) 

  • ·         Hygiene 

- ‘No Rinse’ Products for Waterless Personal Hygiene

- Anti Bacterial Hand Cleansers

- Soaps and Dispensers

- Water Soluble Laundry Bags and Laundry Bag Holders

- Ultrasonic Denture Cleaners

- Anti Viral Air Purifiers  

  • ·         Wellbeing 

- Powerheart AED Defibrillators for use by medical and rescue professionals as well as untrained persons: Automatic, Semi Automatic and Professional 

- Resperate Hypertension Lowering Device

- Blood Pressure Monitors

- Digital Thermometers

- Digital Stethoscopes

- Hand Held ECG Monitors

- Deafgard Wireless Fire Alarm Listening Device for Hard of Hearing and Deaf People

- Adult Bibs and Mealtime Protectors

- Traditional Hot and Cold Therapy Products

  • Beauty Devices

- TriPollar STOP Clinical Skin Renewal Device for Face and Neck 

- TriPollar POSE Skin Tightening Device for Body 

- SilkLite Phototherapy Laser for Anti Aging and Skin Rejuvenation 

- HairMax LaserComb


  Tel:    01835 864866
Web: http://www.win-health.co.uk
Email: info@win-health.co.uk
Fax:   01835 863238


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