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  VAN FLEET LEGAL, RISK, H&S, PROTECTION & SAVINGS - Walker Scott Ltd- Handistep Van H&S  


Corporate Manslaughter Bill 220 EN – April 08; Loading-unloading

New law from Sept 08 ‘Death by Careless Driving Offence’

Highway Guidelines 09 –Specifies High Visual Van Protection

The New ‘Health and Safety (Offences) Act’ Jan 09 ref Ins Claims

SOLUTION: Minimise Risk to Maximise Fleet Safety/Protection/Save Money & Time


Handistephelp Fleets provide responsible “Duty of Care”, Protection for staff operatives, with Handistep rear van safety step for safer loading and unloading, when using Van roof mounted equipment or exit and entry into Vans + helps
Handistep Anti-Slip Handistep provides Effective Daily Safety H&S Protection for Staff, Van & Budget Protection, with Fitted Reverse Sensors actively improving Van Fleet Safety + Savings.Plastic Treads provides Anti-Slip, H&S & Protection, Quick Fit, TUV ELVD -EU Compliant. Treads are Deep & Wide, fitted onto Strong Metal Frame helps Protect;  expensive rear Door Panels, Public Liability, Legal Risk, H&S, Injury, Accident, Chassis, Hire, Public Claims. After Sales Support 1-2-1 looking after Fleet Van customers.

Police Spec Red Tape & Fitted Reverse Sensors Approved H&S/Risk Protection

OEM Tested & Approved Reverse Sensors for additional safety PROTECTION for public, driver and Risk Management for EU Safety Compliance. ALL REVERSE SENSORS ORDERED SUPPLIED ALREADY FITTED INTO STEP with After-sales Support, saving valuable labour/installation costs/time...beneficial to BOTH Fitter and end Van customers.
Corporate Manslaughter Bill 220ENHandistep the H&S Anti-Slip Van Protection Step. Compliant to the Corporate Manslaughter Bill 220 EN is now “Live”- Section 3 covering “Relevant Duty of Care Helps Section 3 New Corp Bill ‘Relevant Duty of Care’-HSELOLER
Ref: Loading & Unloading where van operators should not use just ‘Ball of Foot’
NEW ‘Death by Careless Driving Offence’, came into force Sept 2008, it could also protect Risk of reversing accidents a rising concern to Fleet Management.  Sensors are Paramount for Safer Reversing; Handistep has the option of Fitted Sensors already to help protect Van Fleets against Risk H&S Legal Claims.
New Highways Guidelines 09ALL HANDISTEPS inc. High Visual Police Spec. Reflective Safety Tape
New ‘Health and Safety (Offences) Act’  came into force Jan 2009, which is to help improve protection for all UK at work, to act responsible, adhere to Legal H&S/Training - HSE Govt.
HandiTowstep a stronger steel framed Anti-slip, Self–cleaning Treads tow step to fit onto Tow Bar; used on major Commercial Fleets , Private, 4X4, Motor Home, Utilities, Plumbers, Gas, Builders, Elec, Water, Construction, Lease, Councils, Police, Minibus & Box Chassis Vans.
Available iBlack or Yellow paint finish, Safety & Duty of Care & Red High Reflective Tape inc.
Supporting Van Fleet Managers and Van Owners through this difficult economic crisis;
Ultimately, to help Protect your Vans to help Save costs & help keep your Vans on the road
Call us today, see how Handistep Van Protection Solution can start helping you?

  Tel:    01939 260707
Web: http://www.handistep.com
Email: enquiries@handisterp.com
Fax:   01939 260422


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