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  Maths and science software for teachers and parents - Virtual Image  

Virtual Image are the UK's leading developers of maths and science software. Our award-winning titles include: Nubble!, Omnigraph, Maths Lesson Starters, The Code Book on CD-ROM, Art and Mathematics and many more.

Teachers, pupils and parents love Nubble! It is the perfect way for pupils to sharpen their numeracy skills. Nubble! Deluxe is a high resolution version of the classic Nubble! game. The ‘Headstart’ option plunges pupils into the heart of the game, so that a game can be completed quickly at the start or end of a lesson.

Virtual Image Publishing Ltd
184 Reddish Road
Stockport SK5 7HS
Tel: 0161 480 1915
Fax: 0161 612 2965


  Tel:    01614801915
Web: http://www.virtualimage.co.uk
Email: email@virtualimage.co.uk
Fax:   01616122965


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