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  The ultimate solution to asthma and respiratory illnesses, the HEPA 2000, is only available from Vent-Axia Solutions Centre - Vent-Axia Ltd  
  THE HEPA 2000

The Ultimate Solution to poor Indoor Air Quality and relief for Asthma and other respiratory Illnesses.
For 70 years Vent-Axia has been supplying heating and ventilation solutions whether for private houses or large developments. Vent-Axia's energy efficient and sustainable heating and ventilation solutions cater for all concerns regarding energy, condensation, pollutants and allergy control.
Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are on the increase. The rise of the asthma epidemic can be directly attributed to the drive for increased energy efficiency. Increasing levels of insulation, combined with double glazing and the sealing of open chimneys, has dramatically reduced domestic ventilation rates.
This has in turn produced warm, humid and polluted indoor environments, and that has provided the perfect breeding ground for the house dust mite. House dust mites excrete a range of allergens of which eight out of ten asthmatic children in the UK are allergic to.
A growing number of Doctors in Canada are now prescribing the HEPA 2000 to their asthma sufferers. The HEPA 2000 can reduce the symptoms that can aggravate asthma and respiratory illnesses. In some cases the HEPA 2000 can actually reduce the amount of medication needed. The continuous air movement produced by the unit reduces humidity, thus reducing mould growth and eliminating the house dust mite, which are the number one contributing factors to respiratory illness in the home.

The HEPA 2000 is an air circulation unit that incorporates a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which provides cleaner air for you and your family and protects them from particles that aggravate asthma and respiratory illnesses.
The HEPA 2000 unit provides clean, fresh indoor air all year round, by continuously introducing clean filtered air into your bedrooms through a small ceiling grille mounted in the corner of the room. The main benefit of the unit is the HEPA filter which cleans the internal air and removes unwanted particles, such as dust, bugs and pollen. Another benefit is that continuous air movement reduces humidity and can prevent the build up of condensation on your windows and the unsightly mould patches that can appear in the corner of some rooms. The HEPA can also kill off the house dust mite that can aggravate asthma and other bronchial problems and prevent puffy eyes and sneezing that some people experience when they first wake up.

The HEPA 2000 is unobtrusive and can be installed in your loft space, simply and easily with little or no disruption to your home. It is usually installed close to the loft hatch so that access is easy when you need to check or change the filter. On top of the unit are air turrets, these are connected to air ducting that runs round the outside of your loft and joins up to the discreet and unobtrusive ceiling grilles that are cut into the bedroom ceiling, usually in the corner furthest from the door. A ceiling grille is mounted in the landing which pulls air out of the bedrooms, giving continuous air movement. If you are a considering ventilation solutions for:
Building of a new property
A range of new properties
Refurbishment of an existing property
or have concerns over indoor air quality

You need to speak to The Vent-Axia Solutions Centre.
The Solutions Centre offers a full service. From initial enquiry to full design and quotation package, to installation and commissioning via nominated installers The Solutions Centre is a new service for residential ventilation needs.
The service also includes advice on solutions for addressing health and allergy concerns.
  Tel:    0800 07 30 866
Web: http://www.vent-axia.com/solution
Email: solutions@vent-axia.com
Fax:   01293 427 871


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