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  Vacuduct built in vacuum cleaners - Vacuduct Ltd  
Vacuduct are the principle UK supplier for built in (central) vacuum cleaners. The central vacuum cleaner offers many benefits not found in portable vacuums. With a Vacuduct system you don't carry the machine around the house with you; all you use is a long light weight hose. When you plug in the hose the remote vacuum unit switches on automatically and with the long hose you can clean 2 or 3 rooms from the one inlet point. It's no wonder that Central Vacuums are one of the most requested appliances by home owners today.
QUIET CONVENIENCE Just insert the lightweight hose into any conveniently located inlet valve and flick the switch on the hose and this will activate the remote power unit. You will then be able to vacuum up to 10 Mtrs in any direction. the dust is sucked through the built in ducting back to the power unit.
HEALTH Many allergists recommend Central Vacuum systems because they eliminate the recirculation of germ laden air and dust. All the unhealthy air is vented outside. The dirt is collected in the large bin which will need emptying once every 3 or 4 months.
NEW Now available, the all new Drainvac machine. All waste is automatically emptied down the drain so you never have to empty your vacuum cleaner again.
POWER The remote location of the power unit allows the use of higher powered motors in order to increase cleaning efficiency.
VALUE AND ECONOMY Saves time while greatly prolonging the life of your carpeting and furniture due to the increased cleaning power. 2 to 3 times more efficient and as with all built in appliances this system can increase the value of your home and is an excellent selling feature.
QUALITY. The heart of the Vacuduct system is the power unit. These are made for us in Canada by Drainvac International drainvac.com. They have a 5 year manufacturers warranty and are technically the most advanced machines on the market.
  Tel:    0800 783 6264
Web: http://www.vacuduct.co.uk
Email: andy@vacuduct.co.uk
Fax:   01597 810755


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