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  NForce - the award winning biometric access control and visit management software - Unilink Software  

The NForce/Visits system, recently awarded Best New Access Control Product at the 2006 IFSEC Security Exhibition, is one of the largest biometric based systems in the UK with over 100,000 users across 20 sites. It uses fingerprint recognition technology and digital photographs. Visitors enroll and check-in as they arrive and at each additional security checkpoint their identity is verified and a detailed log of visitor movements is stored. The whole system improves security and speeds up the process. Once registered on the system repeat visitors are easily identified and quickly move through to the next stage.

  Tel:    0845 65 80 800
Web: http://www.unilink.com
Email: software@unilink.co.uk
Fax:   0845 65 80 801


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