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  The UK's leading mat supplier - UK Mats Ltd  
  UK Mats service consists of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly lift and lay of your dirty mats for clean ones, depending on your requirements. All our mats are laundered in a state of the art laundry where they are warm washed at 46 degrees centigrade to ensure the mats are bacterially clean and the pile of the mat restored to optimum efficiency. All our mats are made in state of the factories under rigorous quality control to ensure that mats offer exceptional wear characteristics and a long life. All our deliveries are made by uniformed drivers who carry ID cards. Our unique delivery management system ensures that your site details including mat size, colour and location are itemised on the delivery sheet. All we ask for is a signature from you at the end of each exchange.  
  Tel:    01494 444568
Web: http://www.ukmats.co.uk
Email: sales@ukmats.co.uk
Fax:   01494 450894


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