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  Tough Furniture is designed to meet the needs of demanding environments giving good looks and best value. - Tough Furniture Ltd  
  Tough Furniture produces a unique range of furniture to meet the needs of demanding environments.

We use high quality materials and construction techniques to provide far greater strength and durability than conventional furniture, to cope with careless treatment.
Genuine cost-effectiveness is achieved through a long useful life backed by after-sales support for maintenance. its straightforward style offers a wide choice of colours and woodgrain effects to help create the right surroundings for anyone, anywhere.

It is flexible.
All our furniture is made to order and can be customized to suit individual needs or to meet the particular concerns of different types of care establishments.

It has a proven track record supplying Social Services, the NHS, Special education, voluntary agencies, secure units, the Probation Service and private care providers.
Our policy is simply to look after our customers.70-80% of our business comes from repeat orders.
  Tel:    01588 674340
Web: http://www.toughfurniture.com
Email: sales@toughfurniture.com
Fax:   01588 674341


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