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  Furniture for challenging behaviour - Tough Furniture Ltd  

 ‘Tough Furniture’ is made for environments where challenging behaviour makes conventional furniture unfit for purpose, potentially unsafe and poor value through lack of durability. It combines an unrivalled build quality, domestic good looks and the design content and flexibility to meet the varied needs of mental health provision such as PICUs / secure units / learning difficulties / ASD etc.

Tough Furniture Ltd as a company is unique in being the only UK manufacturer to have specialised exclusively in this field for over 20 years so has an unmatched level of experience and track record. It pioneered the design of key products for this idiosyncratic market by working closely with care professionals to understand and cope with a spectrum of challenging behaviours.
‘Tough Furniture’ also offers an award-winning ability to readily customise the design  for individual circumstances and so really helps to solve problems . . . with furniture.
Tough Furniture Ltd
Stokewood Road
Craven Arms
01588 674340
  Tel:    01588 674340
Web: http://www.toughfurniture.com
Email: sales@toughfurniture.com
Fax:   01588 674341


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