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  Todd Research, X-ray products manufacturer, launches new hire initiative - Todd Research Limited  

Todd Research, X-ray products manufacturer, launches new hire initiative

The increased need for high-level security has meant that companies need to hire X-ray equipment. This can be for the following reasons:

A special event (e.g. sports/music), requiring X-ray detection of baggage and metal detection to intercept weapons

An existing user of X-ray equipment, finding they need more equipment during seasonal peak times (e.g. Summer for those involved in the travel industry or December for those involved in Christmas-themed products/services)

A high-profile company with a special event (e.g. annual general meeting), where a short-term requirement arises to screen visitors

It is with this in mind that Todd Research has available the following equipment for short or long-term hire:

Cabinet postal X-ray machines

Conveyor post/baggage X-ray machines

Metal Detector Archways

Hand-held Metal Detectors

For further information on hire products contact Todd Research now.
Todd Research Limited was formed in January 1950 and has since this time evolved into a business focused purely on the development and supply of a range of X-ray, Metal Detection and Blast Suppression Equipment for single-letter to cargo applications.

With both private and public sector customers in over 80 countries Todd Research is able to call upon a combination of expert market knowledge and excellent product reputation in order to deliver a complete security solution for a wide cross-section of organisations.

Todd Research's increasing reputation for product innovation is demonstrated by its development of industry-leading soft and hardware that give organisations the ability to obtain the best available images of powder and explosive contaminants within both post and baggage.

The Todd Research website contains a wealth of product, training and service information. Please contact our trained sales and marketing staff to enhance this with up-to-the-minute knowledge of current threats and security techniques

  Tel:    01245 262233
Web: http://www.toddresearch.co.uk
Email: xray@toddresearch.co.uk
Fax:   01245 269409


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