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  Telephone Call Management, High Speed Internet Access, Guest Voicemail and Wakeup, Bedroom Handsets - Tiger Communications Plc  

Tiger Communications plc has been at the forefront of telephone call management systems development for over 20 years and it is probably true to say that Tiger was one of the only companies to have retained its position as a leading force in the provision of call management solutions.

Tiger started life in the early 1970's in hardware development, designing and building line scanning equipment for Strowger switchboards and very quickly expanded into software development producing a sophisticated Cobol reporting package for use on mainframe computers.

The Tiger 1000 Line Scanner and Status Cobol Software Package was widely used during the 1970's and early 1980's in major companies such as Beechams, Citibank and Vauxhall Motors, and throughout the public sector in county councils, police forces and universities. A hotel product was developed and used by major hotel chains, including Trusthouse Forte, for guest billing. In addition Tiger operated a very successful bureau operation for customers without the resources or mainframe to run their own call logging systems.

  Tel:    01425 891000
Web: http://www.tigercomms.com
Email: simon@tigercomms.com
Fax:   01425 461484


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