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  15 years of successfully stopping plant theft. Asset Marking, Immobilisation, Asset Tracking - Thiefbeaters  

The theft of plant and machinery by professional thieves is a widespread problem causing financial and logistical nightmares to those who have had experience of it. Construction sites are proving a magnet for criminals who know that thousands of pounds worth of machinery, tools and equipment are held in a relatively small space. For large civil engineering companies with multiple sites or for private individuals, finding a solution that meets all of your requirements can prove difficult.

Thiefbeaters has been tried and tested on thousands of items of plant with outstanding success. Thiefbeaters have been fitting their identification systems for more than 10 years to plant and machinery and the results speak for themselves - less than 1% of plant and machinery fitted with Thiefbeaters were stolen over the last 5 years - that means the system is 99% effective.

Excavators, trailed plant and even hand tools can be fitted with Thiefbeaters identification systems. Hot items such as mini excavators should have Thiefbeaters fitted as a matter of course to prevent them being stolen. Excavator theft rose by 14% and accounted for almost half of the total value of plant and equipment stolen in 2005.

Our professional on-site installation service saves you time and money and gives you a simple and effective theft deterrent. With no keys to lose or batteries to rely on, your plant and machinery stays safeguarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identification Systems: Systems such as Thiefbeaters™ are designed to make the caravan undesirable to thieves. Thiefbeaters is recognized as a leading theft deterrent system. It has been fitted to thousands of caravans and is recommended by many leading insurance companies.

Mechanical: Designed to create a physical deterrent. The more devices you fit, the longer it should take for the thief to attack and remove. Always choose 'approved' mechanical systems because these have been rigorously tested and should sustain attack for at least five minutes.

Immobilizers: Designed to stop your plant equipment from starting by isolating a combination of hydraulic and/or fuel lines. Hydraulic and electronic systems with key fob or key pad systems are available. These are generally used on equipment too large to be lifted by HIAB. Average cost £600.00.

Tracking Systems: Tracking systems are best described as 'AFTER THEFT RECOVERY AIDS'. They will not actually stop the theft but hopefully these systems get your property back after it's gone. We can advise you on particular systems for caravans. Average cost £530 + annual fee.

  Tel:    0800 083 3066
Web: http://www.thiefbeaters.co.uk
Email: info@thiefbeaters.co.uk
Fax:   01327 860 283


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