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  Do more with your leisure time - The UK's leading provider of corporate sports and leisure. Check out details of how you can join  

CSSC is a membership organisation providing a huge range of events, activities and discounts to employees of Government Departments, Agencies and bodies carrying out ex-Civil Service work
Joining CSSC will give you the opportunity to meet people and develop new skills, plus try out new sports and leisure pursuits. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or retired with time to spare, there is something to suit you.
The CSSA provided a loan to re-equip HMP Belmarsh's staff gym. See issue 40 of custodial Review magazine pg 18. click or paste into your web browser http://www.pirnet.co.uk/Custodial%20Review%2040.pdf

  Tel:    01494 888433
Web: http://www.cssc.co.uk
Email: gemma.thomson@cssc.co.uk
Fax:   01494 888437


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