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  Welcome to the Medical Warehouse Online - The Medical Warehouse Ltd.  

The Medical Warehouse Ltd. supplies a full range of Paramedic and Medical Equipment, Supplies and Consumables to NHS Ambulance Trusts, Police Services and Fire & Rescue Services, Private Ambulances and other Healthcare Professionals.

In addition we supply a full range of Training Resources i.e. Mannequins, and kits for various uses within the Ambulance Services. These are designed in conjunction with the Trusts and Services to suit operational and budgetary requirements, for example: New Vehicle Kits, Vehicle Recovery Kits, Patient Moving and Handling Kits, Scene of Crime kits, Wash-Rinse-Wash Kits, Biological Waste Kits etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or enquiries.

  Tel:    01732 356911
Web: http://www.medicalwarehouse.co.uk
Email: info@medicalwarehouse.co.uk
Fax:   01732 773007


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