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  The FITS Foundation Driving Up Standards For ICT Service Management In The Education Sector - The FITS Foundation  

The FITS Foundation provides advice, guidance and a range of training courses and accreditations for staff in the education sector.

FITS (Framework for ICT Support in Education) is a structured methodology for the management and delivery of ICT support.

FITS is a ‘whole-school’ framework because everyone in the establishment is involved with the use of technology.

Our aim is to drive up the standards of educational technology support through the provision of several levels of training.

Our FITS Introduction course provides staff with a broad introduction to what service management is and how everyone needs to play their part in making it efficient and cost effective.

The FITS Practitioner course provides a more in-depth understanding of the implementation and support of a service management framework and provides delegates with a QCF registered qualification.

The FITS Advanced course provides Practitioner qualified staff with additional insights into the other service management processes not covered by the Practitioner course and provides delegates with a further QCF registered qualification.

In addition to our regular courses we also provide a growing base of advice and guidance for staff and senior management in our member’s area.

In our members area we also include an online Internet safety course that also provides a QCF registered qualification.

Internet safety is of vital importance to everyone in the establishment. It outlines the many threats that we all face online, how to recognise them and how to avoid the difficulties that they cause.

It explains what the various types of virus, malware, phishing etc. are how to protect yourself from them.

It goes further than that though by looking at the growing menaces of cyber bullying, grooming and inappropriate behaviour that teaching staff in particular need to be aware of so that they can advise their pupils of the dangers.

With the closure of many of the places that educationists would have gone to in the past for advice and guidance, The FITS Foundation is working to fill that gap.

For more information about our courses, our online membership and our other services contact us at support@thefitsfoundation.org, through our contact form on our website http://www.thefitsfoundation.org or by phone on 01562 740695


  Tel:    01562 740695
Web: http://www.thefitsfoundation.org
Email: support@thefitsfoundation.org


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