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  The British Association of Anger Management - The British Association of Anger Management  

The British Association of Anger Management is the UK’s foremost centre of expertise for all aspects of anger and conflict management. We offer support, programmes and training for the general public, children and teenagers, government bodies, corporations, educational sector, personnel/HR management, trainers, counsellors and anyone dealing with their own or another's anger. We are a professional body of consultants, counsellors and trainers. From individual support, workshops, seminars, bespoke packages through to training and career development with certification and associate membership - we offer something for everyone experiencing anger directly or indirectly. Our offices are in East Grinstead, West Sussex. Programmes, courses, counselling and training are held in London as well as across the country.

  Tel:    08451300286
Web: http://www.angermanage.co.uk
Email: info@angermanage.co.uk
Fax:   01342410353


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