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  TRACKER - TRACKER Network (UK) Limited  

Stolen Vehicle Recoveryrn

TRACKER is the UK's number one stolen vehicle recovery company offering an extensive and competitively priced range of products that brings peace of mind to vehicle and plant equipment owners.
The products include;
·         TRACKER Retrieve – Vehicle owner alerts TRACKER and the police that their  vehicle has been stolen and the hidden unit is activated
·         TRACKER Monitor – If the vehicle is illegally moved a signal is sent to TRACKER, if it has been stolen the hidden alert is activated
·         TRACKER Response – The signal alerts TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved, even when the ignition is turned off and the immobilizer is activated.
·         TRACKER Horizon – A movement sensor in the vehicle detects when a vehicle is illegally moved
Vehicle Asset Management
TRACKER Reporter from TRACKER allows Fleet Directors to monitor their fleet activity.
rnA TRACKER Reporter system will enable them to access all kinds of information about the fleet 24 hours a day through the TRACKER website. It's easy to install, easy to use and delivers immediate results that make a real difference to businesses at every turn. The knowledge that TRACKER Reporter provides will enable businesses to make better decisions and save money both in the short term by identifying inefficiencies, and in the long term by giving them the insight to improve the way their business works.
rnIn short, it makes the process of fleet management easier to monitor and manage, whilst realising a positive return on investment.
The product allows Fleet Directors to;
·         Have full visibility of their drivers
·         Improve fleet efficiency
·         Providers drivers with more protection and security
·         Reduce fleet costs
·         Improve customer service
·         Adhere to health and safety laws by demonstrating duty of care 


  Tel:    01895 234567
Web: http://www.tracker.co.uk
Email: enquiries@TRACKER.co.uk
Fax:   01895 234117


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