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  TOSHIBA TEC Touchscreen PoS - TOSHIBA TEC Europe Retail Information Systems  

Toshiba is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of EPOS and Autoidentification Equipment.

Providers of EPOS and Support Solutions.

ldescription: Toshiba is a unique company offering a true “best of breed” EPOS and support solution with equipment and services delivered entirely by Toshiba personnel. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of EPoS technology, Toshiba has a record of stability and growth over the past 50 years. Toshiba has an enviable reputation for innovation and the production of the finest electronic equipment, demonstrating exceptional reliability, functionality and miniaturisation which is so important to the hospitality industry

  Tel:    0870 890 7200
Web: http://www.toshibatec-eu.co.uk
Email: marketing@toshibatec-eu.co.uk
Fax:   0870 890 7350


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