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  New Weapons in the Fight Against Superbugs - Synergy Healthcare  

The Synergy Group has a global presence, with Surgical Support Services and Patient Care Services playing a major part in the UK healthcare market and Isotron Sterilisation Services and LTS extending Synergy's services to countries across the world.

The Surgical Support Services business provides a range of support services to the operating theatre, the largest of which is the provision of decontamination services for surgical instruments. In the UK Synergy is the largest provider of decontamination services to the NHS and it now operates two decontamination centres in The Netherlands. In addition the business provides wider support services including products and services to manage infection risks and capacity utilisation of operating theatres. Synergy’s surgical support services are widely used by the new Independent Sector Treatment Centres as well as the NHS.

The Patient Care Services business provides a range of support services to acute, primary care and nursing home facilities that help to improve the quality of patient care. The division works with its customers to improve the patient environment, improve patient perception of the care facility and reduce operational risks. The range of services includes continence care, linen management, infection control, pressure ulcer prevention and wound care programmes.

Isotron Sterilisation Services is Europe's leading provider of contract sterilization services. Through a network of 17 sites in 8 countries across Europe, Asia and South Africa, Isotron provides outsourced services to manufacturers; in particular sterilizing single use medical products, enhancing the performance of polymers and providing technical laboratory services.

LTS is Synergy's Dutch subsidiary providing Patient Care services. The business is the market leader in the provision of linen management servioces for the healthcare market including acute and extended care facilities. Operating through 13 facilities the business has widened its scope to include the integrated supply of products and services under the Patient Care division.

Of particular interest is two new products in our Patient Care service; Assure and AirCleanse. Assure™/AssurePlus™ is a new range of cleaning products specially designed to meet the stringent needs of today’s healthcare environment. Importantly both AirCleanse™ and AssurePlus™ are effective against the most resistant infections Clostridium difficile and tuberculosis (TB). AirCleanse™, is a new air-purifying system for healthcare services that achieves a massive 99.99% kill rate for all airborne infections.

Assure™ and Assure Plus™ both use Byotrol™, a patented anti-microbial technology that’s proven to be up to four times more effective than conventional sanitising products in removing MRSA. They have a long-lasting residual activity, which means they carry on working to eliminate microorganisms long after application. When used within normal cleaning protocols a highly effective nano-layer is formed, which contributes to increased efficacy over time.

Assure™ is different to conventional sanitisers because it is has a very low alcohol content meaning that it does not dry or irritate skin. This is crucial for nurses who have a high instance of dermatitis from continuous contact with cleaning products. Furthermore Assure™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive and proven to be effective when surfaces are both wet and dry. It works by first binding to infectious cells and causing them to break down and secondly by forming a nano-film over surfaces to prevent any organisms breeding.

AirCleanse™ uses advanced Close Coupled Field Technology (CCFT), a unique patented process, which is the most effective on the market for destroying an extensive range of airborne biohazards and chemicals. CCFT works by forcing hazardous agents through a high-flow air system onto an electrostatic filter, which captures them and leaves only pure air to be released. A major benefit of AirCleanse™ is that, unlike many air purification systems in use, the system does not require patients to leave the room whilst the purification process is taking place. Forcing patients to vacate rooms encourages greater spread of disease to other areas and increases the risk of infection.

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