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  Mobile phone detection for prisons - Starport International Limited  

Here at Starport we’ve been involved in mobile phone detection and jamming for over a decade.

We have pleasure in introducing the most accurate and reliable GSM and 3G detection product available. It’s called Cellphone Detector Plus™.

It is a multipurpose tool offering maximum operational flexibility for a variety of purposes, all aimed at improving management control and security.

Standard features include:

• Fixed installation or portable
• Wired to control room or stand alone
• Data logging capability for intelligence gathering and analysis
• Ability to detect mobile phones through masonry and concrete
• Silent detection for covert role
• Loud alert for overt deterrence role
• Zero false alerts
• Battery or mains power
• Can be routinely handled by support staff
• Made in Britain

Mobile phones are a serious problem in the prison service. The latest build Cellphone Detector Plus™ gives you the power to tackle it.
Next step: contact Starport for further information including how to order a unit for evaluation info@starporteurope.com

  Tel:    0161 705 0104
Web: http://www.starportuk.com
Email: info@starporteurope.com
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