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  Sports base construction. - Sportcrete Limited  

The Sportcrete system has been refined over fifteen years of research and development. First developed in Australia, Sportcrete was designed to provide the finest and highest tolerance sports surfaces in the world.

The system utilizes laser technology and advanced chemical engineering. Sportcrete is the most advanced base system available for sports facilities and is a patented system.

Sportcrete provides a hard, stable, durable and porous base for installation of synthetic grass.

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Sportcrete has been extensively tested in laboratory conditions and in the field, in Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Drainage and Porosity

Sportcrete creates a strong porous base. The drainage characteristics of a rock base are improved with the application of Sportcrete. The Sportcrete solution penetrates the rock and binds the material together. This reduces the migration of fine material to the base of the formation which acts as a barrier. Sportcrete application binds the base rock and so improves long term drainage and porosity characteristics.

When tested by TurfGrass Technology at Camberwell Sports Club, the Base surface porosity was found to be 2045mm per hour through the Sportcrete base.

Base Strength

The key to a good Base for synthetic Sports Fields is to provide a strong, durable base that has a degree of flexibility. Sportcrete has been designed and created to provide a base for synthetic surfaces that has inherent strength yet retains flexibility.

Field testing by Sports Labs Ltd at Cheltenham Bournside School in England found that when tested for impact response, the Sportcrete base had a Force Reduction of 20%. Sports Labs go on to discuss the findings in the report….

’The 20% reduction would indicate that there is flexibility in the surface…..there is an inherent resilience in the surface….there is good penetration of the material through the stone matrix leaving an inherent strength in the material’

(Richard Nixon, Director Sports Labs Ltd)

‘In our opinion, the surface is providing a good base to lay third generation turf on, providing the system is cost effective, we would have no hesitation in using the system’

(Richard Nixon, Director Sports Labs Ltd)


Fieldturf installed Sportcrete beneath the new sports field at Clark High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. USA.

Following completion, Gmax testing was completed and found that Sportcrete had provided a strong, bound base system, yet no detrimental effect on Gmax values when compared to a rock base was found.

The Resilience and flexibility of Sportcrete is the key to durable base with ideal performance characteristics.

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