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  Custody suite protection

The safety and welfare of people who come into police custody is a significant responsibility for the Police presenting risks for both staff and detainees. Siemens can assist by delivering security technology that will support high standards and operating procedures and offer the safer detention and monitoring of detainees.


Siemens custody suite solutions enable the Police to monitor and track the health and safety of detainees from arrival by vehicle and through the practical detention process. Typically, systems consist of cameras that are located at the booking in desk, intoxiliser room for breath tests, live scan room, detention rooms, female and male cells, corridor areas and exercise yard. Where recommended by the Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Police Custody report 2006, visual recording is supported with audio recording that provides full lip-sync capability.


These systems are fully networked and can be monitored on site as well as remotely; all those entitled to access the network can review live or recorded video.

Siemens fully understands the implications and risks of working in this secure environment and will work with you to ensure your systems meet the required standards.

Stopping suspicious vehicles?  Cut out the lottery… with INPReS from Siemens

Identifying suspicious vehicles on the move is important if you’re fighting crime in today’s fast moving, highly mobile society.  But it’s not enough.

You need the tools to gather, centralise, cross-reference and deploy critical security information right across your infrastructure – where and when it’s needed.

You need to equip your security resources with the right answers quickly, so they can act decisively to prevent damage to property and assets, reducing crime and helping to insulate the public from danger.

You need to maximise the incidence of prosecution using hard irrefutable evidence.

You need to promote public assurance that crime is being systematically reduced and that mobility is no defence against apprehension and prosecution.

You need INPReS, a technical security solution created to give the public and private sectors a dynamic, sophisticated tool in the early identification, control and apprehension of suspicious vehicles:

  • A highly accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, it can read 99% of all legal registration plates
  • Custom built to your specific requirements.
  • Fully integrated IT infrastructure, designed to complement legacy systems and promote the way you want to work.
  • Compatible with most databases including PNC, Police BOF and local authority databases.
  • Easily combined with your existing CCTV systems.

Our work with the Police

Working in partnership with the Police for many years, we have been able to demonstrate that our technology and expertise can deliver tangible benefits that improve processes and reduce stakeholder risk. We work with a variety of agencies in the UK including ACPO, PSNU and the Metropolitan Police, as well as authorities across Merseyside, Lincolnshire, Thames Valley, Hertfordshire, West Mercia, Strathclyde, Norfolk, Surrey and Kent.

Customer service

Siemens offers a full end-to-end solution right through from consultancy, systems design and engineering to final installation and 24-hour maintenance. Service agreements are offered with a range of levels, from bronze, silver and gold standards through to bespoke programmes that cater for your individual requirements to provide the efficiency and peace of mind you are looking for.

Financial solutions as well as technical solutions

Not only can you take advantage of our bespoke technical solutions, you can also benefit from the range of framework agreements that Siemens has set up including OGC buying.solutions, as well as bespoke frameworks for the Police. These can save you time, money and resources in terms of tender preparation, supplier evaluation and quality control and provide real value to your organisation.

We can offer you the means to achieve the very best in technology, greater expertise without the need for additional resources and reduced capital expenditure with fixed payments that simplify budgeting and financial planning.

Winner at the Security Excellence Awards 2006/7 and 2008/9 for 'Best Security Installer' and 'Best Customer Care’.

  Tel:    01932 898500
Web: http://www.siemens.co.uk/securitysolutions
Email: securitysolutions.sbt.gb@siemens.com
Fax:   01932 779811


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