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  SHACKERLEY - Supplier and prefabricator of ventilated facades - Shackerley (Holdings) Group Limited  

Shackerley is a specialist supplier and prefabricator of ventilated facades offering a wide range of innovative, attractive high performance cladding solutions for new buildings and refurbs of all types in the public and private sectors.


The Queen’s Award winning Sureclad system features monolithic ventilated facades constructed from lightweight, impermeable ceramic granite slabs, manufactured to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. These versatile ceramic granite panels, available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and finishes, provide the specifier with an exceptional range of contemporary aesthetic options.

The ceramic granite supplied by Shackerley is manufactured by the world’s largest producers of unglazed ceramic granite floor and wall coverings. It is manufactured entirely from naturally occurring constituents - refined clays, quartz, feldspars and metal oxides, dry pressed into panels at extremely high pressures, typically over 12000 tonnes then fired at 1260°C until irreversibly fused. No bonding agents are used in the process.

Because it is completely free from fissures, flaws and other weak points which reduce the strength and versatility of quarried stone in its original state, ceramic granite provides a proven, engineered façade solution with known performance. Slabs from just 12mm thick will offer exceptional building protection. Compared with naturally quarried stone, the loadings on the substructure and building exterior are dramatically reduced.

Shackerley offers three fixing methods for its ceramic granite ventilated facades -

-     The Sureclad Access system – where individual panels can be removed in isolation if access is required within the ‘design zone’ for services, etc

-     The Sureclad Hanging system – where panels are fixed to the horizontal profile by means of ‘G’ cross section brackets, invisibly anchored to the panel

-     The Sureclad Ventirail system – where panels are installed onto a series of horizontal perforated extruded aluminium rails, affixed directly to the background structure

Common to all three is a patented undercut anchor system enabling ceramic granite slabs to be mechanically (and ‘invisibly’) fixed to the carrier support system. Precision drilling to create the undercut recesses is just one of the many specialist in-house prefabrication services offered. Shackerley will also affix brackets and ‘straps’ to the panels and offer precision cutting of ceramic granite into bespoke panels. This in-house cutting service can prove invaluable when a rapid response is required, eg, when unexpected panel sizes are required on site due to building tolerances. Potentially lengthy delays can be avoided.


As a result of a long term partnership agreement with Soladrilho, Portugal’s leading manufacturer of extruded terracotta and unglazed ceramic tiles and slabs, Shackerley has exclusive rights to distribute the state-of-the-art Soladrilho ‘Face’ range of terracotta facades and fixing systems throughout the UK. Soladrilho is an award winning, highly innovative independent manufacturing company with a worldwide reputation and customer base.

Soladrilho ’Face’ panels are supplied in an extensive range of sizes up to 1500 x 600mm offering the architect a wide range of design options. For larger projects, bespoke sizes, colours and special glazed finishes are also offered.

Simple and fast to install, the carrier support system comprises vertical aluminium rails, incorporating hidden anti-vibration neoprene pads, and patented stainless steel clips which allow panels to be removed for maintenance, repair and inspection of services behind the facade.

  Tel:    0800 783 0391
Web: http://www.shackerley.com/cladding
Email: info@shackerley.com
Fax:   01257 262386


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