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  An unobtrusive monitor for the vulnerable, that has been clinically proven in reduction of falls. - SensorCare Systems Ltd  
The SensorCare Falls Prevention System.
Mobility is an important part of everyone’s quality of life. However for the vulnerable, vacating a bed or chair unassisted can mean that unnecessary risks and dangers exist. Using the latest technology the SensorCare System provides an early warning that alerts the carer that mobilisation is being initiated, thus enabling appropriate attention to be given.
The SensorCare System is easy to use and provides the carer temporary respite and the confidence and freedom to carry on with their daily routines.
The SensorCare Falls Prevention System can be:
  • Used as a stand-alone system
  • Relayed to a remote unit or pager giving the carer more freedom.
  • Interfaced to an existing nurse call system.
SensorCare Systems were selected for use in the REFINE study carried out at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. This independent research demonstrated a significant reduction in falls; reduced length of hospital stay; and a reduction in the number of incidents.
About Us
SensorCare Systems are a leading authority in the risk management of falls and wandering and offer a total concept support. The company interface into both strategic and service level.
The principle of using a person’s impending mobility from their bed or chair to both support and inform the care process has developed applications in clinical effectiveness, quality gain and cost saving initiatives as well as its original risk management function.
The clinical and economic benefits of protecting those at risk whilst encouraging their mobility and retained independence has established ‘targeted care’ in all areas of health and social care provision. The key market philosophy is the flexibility of the system to give ethical, cost effective support as and when required.
  Tel:    0845 863 9570
Web: http://www.sensorcare.co.uk
Email: enquiries@sensorcare.co.uk
Fax:   0161 627 1741


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