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Selwyn Electronics Showcases the DigiMemo A401


The DigiMemo digitally captures and stores everything written or drawn on paper, which can be viewed, edited, emailed and organised in Windows. 


The DigiMemo digitally stores up to 160 handwritten pages to the 32MB internal memory.  Using the pen supplied and standard A4 paper notes can be organised and edited using the DigiMemo software.  An e-book can be created and notes can be amended, extended and emailed.


Using the Handwriting Recognition Software handwriting can be converted to text and saved in Word.


PIR OFFER - DigiMemo + Handwriting Recognition Software for £95 (ex VAT) Call 01732 765100 NOW! Or come and see us at BETT!

Selwyn Electronics are enthusiastic about Technology and how it can make life and learning more fun, as a result we launched the Digimemo and Art Pad, two strong pen input solutions which are enjoying amazing success in Education. Since their introduction their popularity continues to grow. With their accuracy and time saving benefits these products are formidable applications for any teacher or pupil, a must buy!

  Tel:    01732 765 100
Web: http://www.selwyn.co.uk/Pen+Input+Solutions/Digimemo+and+Software/Digimemo
Email: connect@selwyn.co.uk
Fax:   01732 765 190


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