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  Succeeding with Science Education Programme - Sellafield Ltd  
Sellafield Ltd has a long history of supporting schools on a local basis through its operating sites, but Sellafield Ltd's nation-wide commitment to education began with the development of the National Curriculum.
The National Curriculum enabled Sellafield Ltd to develop science and technology teaching resources at a time when teachers were adjusting to the new curriculum which called for new content, new methodology and new classroom materials.
We have a large range of educational resources for primary and secondary schools available to order from our online catalogue, including CD-ROMs, big books, booklets, resource packs and videos.
The programme is designed principally to support the science curriculum for pupils and students in the 5-19 years age range, with particular focus on energy and environmental topics wherever relevant.
Previously supported by BNFL for some eighteen years, the programme has been at the forefront of utilising ICT to deliver interactive and stimulating learning in the classroom. The website www.succeedingwithscience.com, together with a wide range of multimedia CD-ROMs, and the Online Science Awards, are evidence of this commitment.
Printed resources such as catalogues/posters also support the science curriculum and provide periodic marketing information. Through offering a mixed media approach, Succeeding With Science aims to be an inclusive programme by providing teachers with a choice of presentations, whilst being environmentally responsible in attempting to limit the amount and type of materials being used.
Because of the government led initiative for schools and colleges to develop Virtual Learning Environments by 2010, Succeeding With Science is ideally placed to tailor much of its current interactive material for teachers to incorporate in their Virtual Learning Environments. Further, because of its reputation, the Succeeding With Science programme has the opportunity to expand its range of new teaching materials, designed explicitly as online modules.
  Tel:    0808 100 1444
Web: http://www.succeedingwithscience.com
Email: pauline.j.deans@sellafieldsites.com
Fax:   01925 835619


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