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  Metal plumbing fittings - Sanha UK Limited  
  Sanha UK Ltd Metal plumbing fittings All tools, jaws and slings that are manufactured for metal Pressfittings can be used to crimp Sanha Pressfittings. Sanha quality and range of copper, bronze and stainless steel Pressfittings are second to none. From 12mm-108mm including 67mm in copper and bronze. Sanha give 30 and 40 year guarantees for all its Pressfittings. The copper and bronze Pressfittings are now available for Gas and have been approved by British Gas. Sanha Pressfittings have been designed to leak if not crimped, avoiding complications when installation has been completed. Sanha set its seals very deep into the fitting, reducing the possibility of damage or movement of the seal. When a Sanha fitting is used you can be assured of its quality, durability and reliability. Sanha can save you time and money with its competitive pricing policy.Mob 0771 570 8035  
  Tel:    01494 484255
Web: http://www.sanha.co.uk
Email: john.poole@sanha.com
Fax:   01494 484666


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