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  SAD Lightbox Company - SAD Lightbox Company  
About Us
The S.A.D. Lightbox Company is the longest established company in the UK to design and manufacture lightboxes specifically for S.A.D.
We manufacture the LitePod and Diamond lightboxes at our factory in Oxfordshire.
As the UK pioneers and experts in the field of light therapy our ‘firsts’ include:
·         Installing the original treatment rooms at both the Maudsley and Charing Cross Hospitals in London and continue to supply NHS hospitals and clinics throughout the UK
·         Gaining Medical Certification to comply with European Legislation under EC93/42
·         Gained ISO 13485 the Medical Quality Standard
·         To give a 30 day Home Trial Period  - so that you can assess if light therapy works for you
Ethical sourcing
SAD Lightbox is committed to producing high quality products with the collaboration and support of our suppliers. As we continue to grow, we will continue to source our products from as many ethical and local suppliers as possible.
Environmental impact
SAD Lightbox has reduced its carbon footprint by bringing all of the production of lightboxes back to the UK. We use recycled material in the plastic of lightboxes, the card that is used for the cartons is up to 85% recycled, and we are continually seeking ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint.
  Tel:    01844 353 136
Web: http://www.sad.uk.com
Email: info@sad.uk.com
Fax:   N/A


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