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  Reznor - the name for warm air energy efficient heating systems, off the shelf and tailor made products. - Reznor ltd  
  Comfort conditions for all levels of activity. Reznor air mixing - aesthetically pleasing high induction air distribution systems, for gymnasia and swimming pools. The system utilises a light weight duct that has a large number of small outlet nozzles thereby providing heat, ventilation or cooling with no turbulent air movement, cold spots or heat stratification. These maintenance free, easy to install systems are compatible with all Reznor gas fired unit heater solutions - the majority of which are included on the Government's Energy Technology List. All products included on this list are likely to enable end user customers to claim 100 percent Enhanced Capital Allowances within the first year of installation.  
  Tel:    08450514050
Web: http://www.reznor.co.uk
Email: marketing@reznor.co.uk


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