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  RESIDENTIEL VINYL CLADDING - Residentiel Vinyl Cladding Ltd  


Probably the most cost effective, safe to use and extensively guaranteed (fifty years) cladding in today's Market Place.

The product has been firmly established in Canada, The US and Australia for over forty years.

* Vinyl has no fibre cement dust to cover your workers.

* Needs no chemical staining or painting to harm the environment

* Lead free.

* Range of colours guaranteed (fifty years!)

* Will not go brittle

* Does not split, crack, rot, rust or corrode

* Does not creak and groan with temperature change like conventional   plastics        

* Does not buckle and bow

* Unique moisture release system allows for application in any weather

* Fully recyclable


Royal Dual Wall Gutter is a system of vinyl gutters developed on completely new technical solutions.   A definite market novelty is a specially designed double wall structure of the profile with an inner framework that provides additional increased mechanical resistance.

Non-plastified high-impact polyvinyl chloride (Pvc-u), of which the gutter system is made, features increased plastic resistance to higher temperatures, and high resistance to mechanical deformations, stretching and bending.   Specially selected components used increase resistance to UV radiation, acid rain and air pollution.   A unique advantage of PVC is no need to provide maintenance and painting.


The Royal Building System (RBS) is a modern system of erection of walls and building partitions.   Buildings erected in the RBS technology can be easily assembled, kept clean, and are durable.   They need no time consuming maintenance, and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, feature high resistance to flame.   At the same time RBS is an ecological product.

* it saves natural raw materials

* it is not toxic

* it can be utilized and recycled

The system comprises of a set of chamber panels and connectors extruded of high impact resistant polymer being a system of shuttering to be filled with concrete which serves  to erect fast and easy concrete and reinforced concrete walls.   Fast assembly, high quality and beauty is provided by precise cutting of each element in the production line.

The RBS system is a very universal building material commonly used in various sectors of building.


Perfect protection against the noise.

Royal Acoustic Fencing are anti-noise baffles extruded from high-impact polymer.   The fences are designed to lower excessive sound emitted by machines and appliances and protection of people against the harmful influence of communication and industrial noise.   They minimize efficiently the emission of noise to the environment - a human being is not exposed to a loss of his health.

The system has been designed in such a way to allow customers easy and quick assembly without a need to employ any contractor.


A simple assembly is based on connection of profiled construction elements made of high impact-resistant polymers being a shell for sound absorbing material or concrete shuttering.

The RBS is a technology of building optimized for this kind of application.   Its highest virtue is easy and fast assembly, nio need to provide maintenance, and beautiful appearance for many years.

Advantages of anti-noise baffles made of RBS:

* remarkable acoustic efficiency

* easy and fast assembly

* possibility of making baffles with plant screening

* excellent durability and pleasant appearance

* no need to provide maintenance for many years.

  Tel:    01280 700151
Web: http://www.residentielcladding.com
Email: residentiel@btconnect.com
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