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  Real Sunlight Limited - a unique multi-sensory light therapy and activity experience - Real Sunlight Limited  

A new health giving multi sensory Sunlight therapy that also offers a unique activity opportunity has been introduced to the UK by Sweden.  Real Sunlight creates a full multi-sensory experience –a sun therapy room, or part of a room, giving a sunlight therapy “holiday” experience enabling care residents, staff and visitors to enjoy sunbathing, deeply relax, de-stress and gain all the natural health benefits of sunlight safely, whatever the weather!

This extraordinary sun environment replicates the full spectrum of natural sunlight and heat safely, including infra-red, and has proved to increase the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents in over 35 care homes across Sweden, Norway, Canada and the UK.  Up to an hour of sunbathing breaks up the residents day to day routine and stimulates all their senses promoting deep relaxation and wellbeing.  It also stimulates conversation, interaction and memories of holidays gone by while they enjoy the comfort of sitting in the sun.

Imagine the light and heat of the sun, the sound of the sea, beautiful brightly coloured beach backdrop, the feel of sand underfoot and trickling through your fingers, the smell of the sea, tropical plants, a gentle breeze...  All this is possible every day, all year round, without leaving the building!

It is medically proven that regular sunlight is necessary for our health and wellbeing.  With the UK’s generally inclement weather, longer working hours, using sun block due to risk of burning and lack of daylight during winter months, sunlight deprivation is having serious adverse effects on all of our health.  Add to that most older people’s reluctance or inability to spend much time outdoors, the effects of this on circadian rhythms that control body clocks and the sleep wake cycle, can cause depression, agitation and serious disruption to sleep patterns - sometimes referred to as Sundown Syndrome.

Real Sunlight is the most effective light therapy, giving up to 20,000 LUX full spectrum light which, when used regularly, will reset and balance the circadian rhythms and therefore create calmer, more relaxed and happier residents.  With this light therapy administered as an activity that incorporates a multi-sensual, stimulating, fun and comforting environment, the overall effects have proved to be extremely positive.

Health benefits experienced by regular users of Real Sunlight include:  better sleep, more energy, lifts the mood, deeply relaxing and calming particularly with dementia residents, stimulates conversation, interaction and socialising, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, healing, soothes rheumatism, arthritis, aches and pains, assists with skin problems and more.

“Its an incredibly relaxing feeling!  I feel transported to another world and feel the benefits for days after”

“For our dementia sufferers, we have been able to reduce and in some instances fully eradicate medication”

Earlier installations have also experienced up to 25% reduction in staff sick leave since Real Sunlight was installed.

Early adopters in the UK Care industry are:

Godswell Park, Bloxham, Oxon, England, a new luxury care home which opened in January 2011.  Their Real Sunlight room has been well utilised and enjoyed by residents, staff and visitors.

Colten Care’s Belmore Lodge, Lymington, residents and staff were very excited recently when their Real Sunlight room was recently opened by Dr Hilary Jones!  They have already seen significant benefits from use of the sun room by residents and staff.

Colten Care’s new care home in Sturminster will feature a Real Sunlight room when it opens later this year.

Wholistic Medical Centre, Harley Street, London.  Dr Daya’s Zen Garden Real Sunlight Room is used by patients, staff and colleagues and is proving successful in treating a host of illnesses, SAD and other medical conditions caused by lack of sunlight.

For more information contact:  Real Sunlight Limited on  08456 800853 , or email us at rona@realsunlight.co.uk , website www.realsunlight.co.uk


  Tel:    08456 800853
Web: http://www.realsunlight.co.uk
Email: rona@realsunlight.co.uk
Fax:   01628 670886


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