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  Randstad Education launches Global Skillshare initiative with VSO - Randstad Education  
As part of the initiative, leading UK and global educational staffing specialist Randstad Education is offering five teachers the opportunity to volunteer through the VSO programme, for placement in September 2010, by providing supply cover to the applicants’ schools free of charge.


VSO works in education in 19 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean.  Its programmes are developed through a consultative process that analyses the education context, and identifies the people who are disadvantaged within and outside of the education system in each country.  VSO's vision is that all children have access to good quality primary education.  This includes ensuring the most disadvantaged – such as girls, those with disabilities, ethnic minorities and children affected by HIV and AIDS – are also able to go to school.
Volunteers support improvements in education overseas by working in teacher training colleges and with groups of schools on developing teaching methods.  They also work within the mainstream education system to overcome the barriers facing marginalised groups, for example, improving the provision of inclusive education.  By improving classroom techniques so that lessons are enjoyable, practical and interactive, more children leave school with skills and knowledge that will improve their chances in life.


Judith Brodie, VSO UK director said: “There are so many benefits for teachers to take part in Global Skillshare.  Not only will they learn about and contribute their skills to a developing countries education system, whilst living and working in another country, their school in the UK can now benefit from Randstad Education’s generous package.  And the children overseas and the UK gain from what the volunteer will bring out, and bring back after their placement, enriching the quality of education at both ends.  We warmly welcome the contribution from Randstad Education which will give more teachers the opportunity to be part VSO’s ongoing contribution to secure global education for all.”


For more information on how to take part in this initiative or to apply visit www.randstadeducation.co.uk/vso The deadline for the first stage of the Global Skillshare application process is Sunday 28th March 2010.
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Web: http://www.randstadeducation.co.uk/vso
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