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  Purus - Purus  

Purus is the leading Swedish manufacturer and supplier of plumbing and drainage products, in 2008 Purus launched into the UK market to meet the expanding demand for wet rooms and walk in showers.rn

The products are available nationwide.

Our Product range includes:Wet Room

Sleek and streamlined, wet rooms are a spa like haven with a minimalist, fuss free design which has many benefits. They are a good solution for smaller bathrooms where space is an issue; by removing the bath a stylish and spacious room can be created.
Purus is the only manufacturer to offer a tiled drainage trap which provides an uninterrupted tile design across the wet room floor in the customer’s preferred tiling design.

Purus Line

Purus manufacture purus line wet room linear drains which are available in six different horizontal lengths, from 300mm to one metre, and eight different stylish designs with a corner drain using the same designs. All the drains in the range can remove up to 1.2 litres of water per second to meet most wet room requirements.
Purus drains also contain an odour trap as standard. This means that bad air cannot come through the drain even if it is dry. This feature also ensures that water will not rise up into the room if the waste pipe becomes blocked.

Centre Linear Wetroom Base

A simple to install pre-formed tileable or vinyl covered base for wetroom showers which complements Purus’ range of linear wetroom drains.

The new base has been specially developed for Purus by Pro4ma UK Limited, a specialist designer and manufacturer of wetroom solutions.

The Purus Centre Linear Kit has been designed to provide a waterproof and easy to install wetroom base with a gradient which ensures water will not overflow into the wetroom.

The MAXXUS Wetfloor Former/ Purus Minimaxrn

The MAXXUS Wetfloor Former is a new simple to install pre-formed base for wetroom showers designed to facilitate level access showering on timber or concrete flooring in a variety of formats up to 1500mm x 800mm. It has many benefits including a totally flat underside for easy installation which enables the drain to be simply rotated into the ideal position, and no release agent to inhibit bonding of adhesives for vinyl, tiles on its surface or for tanking or membranes.

The MAXXUS is designed to be used with the Purus Minimax, the world’s shallowest (70mm plus 6mm fall) wetroom drain incorporating a NOOD no-odour trap without a water seal. The MAXXUS wetfloor former has been tested under static load at 1000mm centres and will comfortably support a sustained load of 470 kilos (75 stone) making it ideal for care homes and adaptations.

All Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety and comply with the British Board of Agrément standards

  Tel:    +44 (0) 844 800 1651
Web: http://www.purusgroup.com
Email: info@purusgroup.com
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