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  Puncturesafe UK - Puncturesafe UK  


Using 21st century technology and innovative chemistry, Puncturesafe UK has developed a permanent puncture prevention treatment that can survive the hostile environment of a high-speed tyre. They have developed sealants that are thermally superior and do not caramelise within the tyre.

Fleet operators, tyre dealers, car and motorcycle garages, and workshops are now taking advantage of this technological advancement. Puncturesafe’s 21st century polymer gel puncture prevention treatment is offered in four different grades, High-Speed Grade for applications such as cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles, Heavy Duty Grade for trucks and heavy goods vehicles, Extra Heavy Duty Grade for plant and construction vehicles, and Cycle Grade, for all types of cycle tyres.

Puncturesafe can rightly boast about attracting customers of the Blue Chip calibre, plus National and International companies, and they exclusively hold the contract to supply Royal Mail with their product. Royal Mail have tight schedules and deadlines to adhere to - they are a fast moving company - so they have turned to a British manufacturer to supply their permanent puncture prevention treatment - Puncturesafe UK.

Puncturesafe has significantly reduced expensive downtime for Royal Mail. They also benefit from longer tyre life and improved fuel economy.

Most traditional sealants were originally developed for the slow-speed market. Unfortunately some of them have found their way into the high-speed market, with catastrophic results. There is a huge difference between a tyre travelling at speed down a motorway, and a tyre operating on a building site, at maybe only a few miles per hour. When heat is generated in a tyre the polymers break down quickly, resulting in these slow-speed products failing to live up to expectations.

Puncturesafe is many years ahead of the industry because of decades of very advanced Research and Development. The following are just some of the important differences between Puncturesafe and many of the inferior sealants available today:

Puncturesafe seals punctures permanently for the life of the tyre.

If the tyre casing has been damaged, resulting in the tyre becoming potentially dangerous, Puncturesafe will give a controlled deflation, avoiding a blow-out, and allowing the driver to bring the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop.

Puncturesafe is water-based for quick and clean removal from the tyre.

Puncturesafe evenly covers the whole of the inside of the tyre, preventing porosity and sealing bead leaks.

Puncturesafe maintains correct tyre pressures, thereby extending tyre life and improving fuel economy.

Puncturesafe does not collect in a narrow band down the centre of the crown area of the tyre in a moving vehicle because of centrifugal forces. This is a common problem with inferior tyre sealants because other sealant companies have yet to develop the chemistry that allows their sealants to cover the whole of the inner casing of the tyre.

Puncturesafe does not cause a balance problem, because it spreads thinly and evenly over the entire surface area of the tyre.

Puncturesafe does not contain the toxic anti-freeze Ethylene Glycol. This is a result of many years of research and development by some of the best polymer chemists in Europe.

Puncturesafe does not contain Propylene Glycol, which is non-toxic, but which is a useless alternative in a tyre sealant.

Puncturesafe does not vapourise or steam in a warm tyre causing the tyre pressure to dangerously increase by several psi.

Puncturesafe does not break down or dry up inside a high-speed tyre. Very advanced chemistry is required to achieve this.

Puncturesafe cannot damage the internal structure of the tyre or the steel belts.

Puncturesafe does not run to the bottom of the tyre in a stationary vehicle.

Puncturesafe is suitable for speeds up to 150mph.

Puncturesafe does not rust or corrode aluminium or steel rims.

Puncturesafe does not void tyre manufacturer’s warranties.

Puncturesafe complies with all Health and Safety requirements in the UK and Europe as defined by R.E.A.C.H. (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances)

For further information on Puncturesafe please phone: 0870 240 1280 or visit the website at: www.puncturesafe.co.uk

  Tel:    0870 240 1280
Web: http://www.puncturesafe.co.uk
Email: adbak@btinternet.com
Fax:   01395 233732


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